Bert  runs a network across the island, supplying volunteer doctors, medicine, water, roofers, food

Missions Trip to Puerto Rico!

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.” Source Unknown


I plan to make my life worth watching; starting this summer!

Kathy & I have a very exciting summer planned for 2019! We are going on a missions trip with my church (Saginaw First A/G) to Puerto Rico June 24 – July 2. This is an awesome opportunity, and I am nervous yet very excited at the same time! I know that God will take care of me and guide each and every step that I take.


What will we be doing in Puerto Rico?


We will be working with Pastor Bert Pizzaro in San Juan Puerto Rico. Pastor Bert has been leading teams and helping with recovery from hurricane Maria for 2 years. Most of our work will be masonry, carpentry, electrical, painting, landscaping, possibly helping the district with a project that will make it self sustainable in building a hydroponics system. We will also have other opportunities to share the gospel and minister as a team.


What can you do to help?


1. Pray: The most important thing you can do is pray. In fact, I covet your continuous prayer for protection, safe travel and effective ministry.

2. Offer financial support: I need to raise a total of $1,600 in order to go on this trip

-Please make checks out to Saginaw First Assembly of God and mail them to me at insert your address here in the enclosed envelope.

3. Hire me: I am willing to work to raise the funds. Include some specifics of what you could do


Why am I sending this letter to you?

You have been a part of my life—a part worth watching! 

Thank you for your influence on my life. Thanks for being a part of my life; it’s a great one and I am blessed!                                               

                                                                         In Christ 

                                                                   Daniel & Katherine Ortiz

Daniel & Katherine Ortiz

Are  asking for  prayer & financial support to do God's will for their lives in being a part of a team from Saginaw Mi to go to Puerto Rico. Saginaw First Assembly of God has taken many God serving teams all over the world to do His will in other countries.  Puerto Rico is a part of the United States of America and still in need of support to bring them up to par to where they left off before Hurricane Maria. We cant do it with out you. Today Kathy & I are trying to do what the Lord placed on our hearts long ago in bringing the gospel through life groups, educating our selves through Michigan school of ministry in getting credentialed, bringing christian entertainment for our youth and all walks of life in good clean music that edify our Lord & Savior,  touching young through amateur boxing just to name a few. God has done a tremendous work in our lives and marriage on this journey to please Him. Please find it in your Heart to consider helping and praying so that we can meet the requirements and financial obligation to allow us to serve. Thank you and God bless. Send us we will go!

Find out more on how to make a tax dectuble donation

Pastor Bert Pizzaro

 Bert Pizarro runs an informal network across the island, supplying volunteer doctors, medicine, water, roofers, food and other resources.